SR 951 – Judge S.S. Jolley Bridge

Project Detail

The Judge SS Jolley Bridge is a high rise bridge consisting of two twelve-foot lanes, six-foot inside shoulder, 10 ft. The bridge is located in Collier County and connects Marco Island with the mainland in Naples.

Project Highlights

The new span carries southbound traffic to Marco and the existing span will carry northbound traffic from Marco island. The bridge is a famous spot for fishing, and its known to hold large species of fish including sharks, snook, and Goliath grouper.

  • The county committed $1.4 million to ramp up parking at the 951 Boat Ramp. The project quadrupled the number of boat trailer parking spaces from 19 to 88.
  • The parking lanes will be 43 feet long, accommodating most 25-foot boats and three parallel, rather than diagonal spaces, will be available for larger boats.
  • Landscape improvements near the Jolley Bridge were part of the new span construction, with seven species of trees being planted along the 1.85-mile stretch.

Client: Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District One

Location: Marco Island, Florida

Area: 1,600 Linear Feet

Finished: 2010

Value: $40 Million

Remarks: The bridge was designed to withstand Category 5 hurricanes and contains a break-down lane in each direction that helps avoid delays caused by traffic accidents and facilitate the access by emergency vehicles.


The Judge S.S. Jolley Bridge has two 12-ft. (3.7 m) travel lanes with a 10-ft. (3 m) outside shoulder, a 6-ft. (1.8 m) inside shoulder, and an 8-ft. (2.4 m) sidewalk on the west side. The contract also included lighting, a water retention feature, and pedestrian access to both spans. In addition, “modification to the median allows for better vehicular access to recreational areas,” stated Tower.

the challenges

Construction of a 1,600 LF high rise bridge consisting of two twelve-foot lanes, six-foot inside shoulder, ten-foot outside shoulder, and eight-foot sidewalk. This bridge is 74 ft. over the ICWW. Major features include 60” diameter drilled shaft foundations, precast 78-inch Florida I-Beams, cast-in-place substructure and superstructure, fender system replacement, demolition of existing fishing piers, MSE wall construction, landscaping, roadway lighting, seawall construction, rip-rap scour protection, roadway drainage system, stabilized subgrade, base, and flexible paving.

Provided oversight of overall inspection for the project as well as the sampling and tracking of all construction materials, asphalt, concrete, earthwork, and all other construction materials involved in this road and bridge project.

project goals

The project goals involved building a two-lane southbound span parallel to the existing Jolley Bridge, which was originally built-in 1969.

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