Broadway Bridge

Project Detail

The Broadway Bridge is a segmental bridge that spans the Halifax River and Intracoastal Waterway in downtown Daytona Beach, Florida, carrying U.S. Route 92. It reaches a height of 65 feet and is 3,008 feet in length. The bridge includes dual roadways that are 48’– 4" wide each. 2,690′ of the bridge was built with precast segmental box girders that are being erected using the balanced cantilever construction method. The precast box girders vary in depth from 13’– 11/2" at the piers to 7’– 81/2" at midspan. The precast box girders are supported by cast in place elliptical piers on 6′ diameter drilled shaft foundations.

Project Highlights

The bridge has sidewalks on both sides that allow pedestrian views of the water, boats, buildings, and the Intracoastal Waterway in the distance.

The unique architectural mosaic tile elements, landscaping, and accent illumination provide unique aesthetic features.

  • Architectural enhancements include custom-designed glass tile mosaics depicting wildlife native to the area and piers wrapped in mosaics of sea life.
  • The concrete panels along the bridge pedestrian walk depict 18 different wildlife mosaics each 5-ft high and 8-ft wide.
  • A unique cast aluminum handrails are replicated in a moving waveform.

Client: Florida Department of Transportation

Location: Daytona Beach, Florida

Area: 3,008-ft long

Finished: 2001

Cost: $40 Million

Remarks: The installation of the 6’ diameter drilled shafts was completed on time along with 3 of the 14 foundations for the precast segmental portion of the structure.


The $40 Million Broadway Bridge features variable depth spans, which create an arching appearance, with 65’ vertical clearance over the Intracoastal Waterway. The new high-level fixed span bridge replaced the existing low-level Bascule Bridge that had become structurally deficient. The twin 3,008’ long precast concrete segmental structures have typical spans of 262’. The project also received 8 design awards Including the 2001 Gustav Lindenthal Medal from the International Bridge Conference.

the challenges

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) assessed that an even bigger version of the Broadway Bridge was needed to better accommodate vessels sailing under the structure. The solution was a new design construction that facilitated the passage of maritime traffic and provided an improved means for motorists to travel over the water en route to the beach.

project goals

The goal of the Broadway Bridge is to allow traffic to flow from the center of Daytona to the great beaches. The solution was a faster, efficient way of getting along State Route 92 from the city of Daytona Beach over the Halifax River.

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